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Avocado Salad

Hi! My name is Alena and I am a Registered Dietitian, Women’s Wellness Coach and founder of Smart Bite Solutions & Energy Reboot Nutritionist.


As a dietitian I believe that we can use our food not just to nourish, but also to  heal, build and rejuvenate. As a wellness coach I believe that there are so many other aspects of our life that contribute or take away from our health and wellness.

My sole mission is to individualize YOUR wellness strategy and to help you re-energize, feel confident, youthful and beautiful. Don't wait for "later". "Later" often means "never". As a driven, hard-working woman you NEED your body to be top notch to support your busy life. Don't settle for "okay", let's go for GREAT!


And I am here as always to listen, support and help you to “thrive, from the inside out!”

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