Computerized Analysis

Computerized Diet Analysis 

Are numbers and precision your vibe?


We can use our elaborate nutrition software program to analyze your current diet in detail and help you to put your current eating habits in perspective! 

Say" NO" to buying random multivitamins and supplements.


Let technology and a nutrition expert determine what you may actually NEED!  

How does this work?


It is simpler than you think!

1. Book a quick 15 min call HERE 

2. I'll provide you with a 3-day blank food journal

3. Record your foods in the journal for 3 days

4. Submit your journal to me

5. I'll run a comprehensive 3 hr analysis and send you the results and my suggestions 

Example of Computerized Nutrient Analysis

INVESTMENT:  $320 + GST  (NOW $295

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Hormone Balance, PMS, Period Health Alena Frankish Registered Nutritionist and Menstrual Health Coach