BEEautiful U Formula

Oh, ur gonna love it! This is NOT your average boring diet plan, or detox, or a crash fad so complicated that you feel exhausted after a few days. I've carefully crafted this program to be THE PERFECT match for busy bees just like you!

This Formula includes an intricate blend of anti-inflammatory and cycle-based nutrition and lifestyle strategies that we will further tailor according to your needs and preferences!

Women's Health and Wellness

There is NO rigid diet plan, but rather a unique Menu Guide that tells you the best food and nutrient choices for each phase of your menstrual cycle so you can follow it as is, or mix and match as needed!


As a dietitian I made sure that each day meets 100% of the most important nutrients for women's health, so you don't have to worry about it at all!

As a wellness coach I made sure it is packed with specific physical activity guidance and of course, mental health strategies! You will discover the best cycle-based activitiesexplore my personal Exercise Playlist, work on identifying your stress triggers and so much more! 

Women's Health and Wellness, Period and Menstrual Cycle Health, Hormone Balance Program for women

Sneak Peak



  •  keep running out of energy

  • struggle with poor period health

  • feel stressed & overwhelmed

  •  have " I am not pretty" / "not worthy" thoughts

  • have PMS

  • want to come off hormonal contraceptives

  • feel stuck with your health & wellness

  • suffer from headaches

  • feel gassy & bloated

  • want to get yourself back on track

  • feel disempowered

  • want to slow down aging & improve skin health

  • of the above but just to want to feel freakin' awesome?!?


AND guess what?

This not only includes one-of-a-kind 28-day nutrition guide and numerous cheatsheets, tips and wellness tools, but also

SIX 1:1  online coaching sessions together!

Skip the headache of figuring out everything for yourself! Let's expedite your health and wellbeing by using a proven step-by-step roadmap and resources designed by a registered health professional.

Save your time, money and most importantly health by staying away from "too-good-to-be-true" fad diets, detox packages and supplements. Transform naturally under the guidance of a trained expert by using the power of your body's own biology! 

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