Is Registered Dietitian the same as Nutritionist?
Yes and No :) The designation of ‘Registered Dietitian’ is protected by Law in Canada. Just like medical doctors, a Registered Dietitian must meet a minimum set of requirements set out in Alberta by the College of Dietitians of Alberta and the Health Professions Act. Registered Dietitians can also use protected titles, such as Dietitian, Registered Nutritionist and the initials RD. As of May 2016, the Alberta Government made “Nutritionist” also a protected title that can only be used by dietitians, but in many other provinces this is still not the case.
In short, outside of Alberta all dietitians are nutritionists, but not all nutritionists are dietitians.
Do I need doctor's referral to see you?

Nope, you can self-refer to see me! However, if you have a specific medical condition for which you are seeking nutrition therapy, a doctor’s detailed referral or a note can often provide helpful input. 
Do I need to make an appointment?
Yes. All appointments are pre-booked as I see clients at various times and locations. Appointments may be requested by: email or booked online. You can also call  780-400-9884 and if I am not with another client or away, I will be happy to chat with you and book you in!
Note: If you live in Fort Saskatchewan and need an in-person appointment, booking can be done through your local Nexus Therapeutics Clinic. Please call  780-589-1100.
Is my name, purpose of the visit or any other information confidential?
100%!  As a health care professional I am committed to keeping your personal health information safe, confidential and always follow a high standard of privacy for any information you will provide me with. If you have any questions, concerns or worries about your privacy at any time, please, let me know!