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Alena Frankish Women's Dietitian and Wellness Coach


 I am obsessed with helping women THRIVE!


As a Registered Nutritionist & Menstrual Health Coach, it is frustrating for me to see women's health & wellness are not taken seriously.


So many symptoms are referred to as a "norm" or "covered up" with yet another prescription...


created Energy Reboot Nutritionist to  empower you with REAL ANSWERS, to help you regain energy,

re-discover your inner magic and power yourself up!





Hey Girl!

  • Are you tired of painful periods, mood swings, breast pain and weird  food cravings?

  • Are you finding it difficult to love the image you see in the mirror every morning?

I've been there too!


And guess what I discovered? The secret that is not how busy you are or how many birthdays are behind you (which is what I used to tell myself too, in a desperate attempt to explain what was happening).


 Our bodies have superpowers! You do have the capacity to rejuvenate and remain strong, vigorous and beautiful if you just give your body what it needs!

You know your body! 
You know you should feel better than this!  

You DESERVE to feel amazing!


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I used to feel like you might right now, and I kept telling myself  "... I have no time for change". 


Adding personal wellness goals seemed unnecessary and burdensome. "It's okay...I am okay" -I thought...Next week / month / year  

it will be better... Except that it never was.


After all, I had two jobs while simultaneously trying to fulfill my roles of perfect wife, mother, daughter, sister and a A+ student. 

And you guessed day I ran out of fuel... Sounds familiar?

Then I have a FREE gift for you!


A Busy Woman's Mini-Guide that helped me and many other women to kickstart our wellness journeys.


Download you FREE copy right now and bust the "no time" excuse (because guess what? Each activity in this guide is only 15 min long!)

Busy Woman's Mini Guide written by Registered Women's Health Nutritionist to help with hormone balance and period health