Happy Mindfulness Day!

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

I found out about this emerging celebration just a few years ago and can even say almost accidentally...While the concept of mindfulness is becoming more and more popular and you can hardly find a person who has never heard of mindfulness before - this day is almost unknown...Too sad, I thought...What a great opportunity it would be to spread the word on how we can gift ourselves with some easy (or!) ways to relieve stress, regulate blood pressure, improve sleep and many many more benefits...! scientists are just beginning to unravel the secrets of this amazing practice, once upon a time common place, but nowadays almost lost...

I am a "dietitian-to-be", so I especially love the concept of mindful eating! So simple, yet so difficult to achieve in the modern world! Too many distractions...and with multitasking being a highly praised quality nowadays, is it even possible to be "mindful"? Is it possible to be fully present in the moment and immerse yourself in the experience? That is exactly what people ask me all the time: is there room for mindfulness in our busy lives?

I know there is...I've done it...I've seen very busy 24/7 people do it...You just have to plan for it...No, seriously! Open your calendar and schedule 5 minutes, 10 minutes, whatever you have, just for yourself...have your lunch then. Not in front of the laptop like I did for years, checking last minute e-mails, because in a few minutes there will be another dozen of them. Not screen time, but instead looking out the window, or better still at your food. Taste it, think about it, appreciate it...that's the ultimate goal of mindful eating that I am trying to reach. "Why bother?" some may ask. My answer is that I think because it's a real key to reconnection with our food and the environment. We talk endlessly about healthy eating, but I see how often it doesn't stick; perhaps because we don't really embrace it, but rather feel it is something burdensome we need to do...and thus I truly believe that the loss of mindfulness is one of the largest problems...we don't look at our food, we don't smell it, we don't know where it comes from, and on busy days (which for some of us are almost every day) we even can hardly taste it. I am on a mission to change that! I try and I fail but I try again, and although the whole process it still far from being perfected, I know that it is doable...a practical and fantastic exercise that opened my mind to many amazing things that I previously ignored, and helped me to better reconnect with myself, my family and the environment! Give it a try!

For great tips and exercises on mindful eating follow @smartbitesolutions on Instagram. Happy Mindfulness Day!

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