Healthy pregnancy with food allergies

Can you have a healthy pregnancy if you have to avoid some foods? Of course you can!⁠ Does your diet need to be balanced and well planned? Yes! But, of course, so does the diet of anyone without allergies. 😁⁠

Here are some short tips on three of the important nutrients you will need during pregnancy:⁠

PROTEIN: If you can eat dairy, eggs, meat and/or fish, those are all great easily available sources! If not, go for various legumes; they contain a lot of fantastic plant-based protein. If you are okay with soy,-> tofu and other soybean products are just as great. Nuts and nut butters are also amazing! Protein powder is also an option but talk to your doctor & dietitian first.⁠

CALCIUM: If you eat dairy, this is the easiest way to get your calcium. If not, choose calcium-fortified plant-based milks⁠, ⁠kale⁠, bok choy⁠, broccoli⁠, almonds⁠ or white beans⁠.⁠ 👉 Not all of these foods have equal amounts of calcium so you may want to check with a dietitian to make sure you are getting enough!⁠

IRON: If you eat meat, this is the easiest way to get plenty of iron. Eggs is another great option. There are also various plant-based sources of iron, such as ⁠beans, prunes, dark leafy greens, tofu and iron-fortified cereals. However, sometimes it can be tricky for our body to absorb iron that comes from plants. Although this topic is a bit controversial, it seems that pairing these foods with vitamin-C rich foods (such as peppers or citrus fruits) helps our body to get more iron out and increases overall absorption.⁠

Of course, there are so many more: folate, zinc, vitamin B12, etc, etc, so stay tuned for more posts and reach out if you have any questions or need one-on-one support! Love you all and til next!

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